5 Best Location Diving Spots In Bali 2024

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5 Best Location Diving Spots In Bali 2024

24 April 2024Blog

Diving is one of the activities that many people are currently interested in in 2024. This diving activity is like swimming in the vast ocean and seeing the beauty of the sea decorated with all kinds of fish and coral reefs. If you are in Bali, you must do this activity, especially for those of you who have studied diving. Because in Bali, there are several very beautiful diving spots for you to visit. Read this article so you can find out some of the best diving spots in Bali in 2024.

Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island is an ideal diving spot in Bali. The turquoise waters provide an incredible underwater experience, and the aquamarine surroundings are simply stunning. The abundance of shallow coral reefs and marine life makes it a paradise for any diver, regardless of experience level. You can thank the construction of the West Bali National Park in 1917 which has preserved the natural beauty of the area for diving.

There is a variety of dives to explore, such as shallow reef dives, deep wall dives, and drift dives, ensuring that divers of all abilities can find a dive to suit. The healthy marine biota reserve on Menjangan Island provides a good opportunity for us to easily see dolphins, turtles, manta rays, and live coral fish, and if you are lucky, you can see whale sharks and hammerhead whales here. 

Of course, if you want to access the area, you have to pay a small fee to enter the Nature Conservation Park, but once you enter, there will be no restrictions for you from diving in this beautiful place.

Menjangan diving spots

Source: Pexels

Amed Diving Spots

For thousands of years, the thriving marine life around Amed has remained virtually untouched by divers. Today, this underwater world offers a variety of fish and corals that are different from anywhere else in the world. The quiet fishing village of Amed, East Bali, is a place that combines everything from brightly colored tropical fish and sea turtles to reef sharks.

This place has light currents, which is great for divers of all levels, beginners or professionals, which means everyone can enjoy amazing diving season in bali at this Amed Beach diving spot. Swim with turtles and explore the waters on a guided diving tour in Bali.

amed island

Source: Unsplash

USAT Liberty Shipwreck: Tulamben Bay

The USAT Liberty Shipwreck is one of the most popular dive sites in Bali. This shallow dive location is located off the northeast coast of Bali, on a black sand beach called Tulamben Bay. This sunken ship is very suitable for scuba divers from various groups, both beginners and professionals because this place has a depth ranging from 5 to 30 meters. The wreck is now home to a vibrant and colorful array of corals, sponges, and invertebrates. You can also see some of the larger marine life that inhabits sunken ships, such as giant trevally, parrotfish, and sea turtles. While you’re there, be sure to visit the Tulamben villagers who will happily give you a history lesson about the USAT Liberty Shipwreck here.

best diving spots in bali

Source: Pexels

Batu Gede Nusa Dua Best Diving in Bali

The reef is located at the north of Nusa Dua, beginning from the entrance to Benoa Harbour and stretching to the right toward Nusa Dua. At the beginning of your dive, you will descend to a depth of 5 meters with a flat bottom of white sand. Just follow the edge of the reef, and you will stumble upon the big bommies. That’s probably the reason they named this dive site Batu Gede or Big Rock. Common tropical reef fishes here include the Moorish idol, Indo-Pacific surgeonfish, butterfly fish, and at times, sea turtles.

batu gede diving spot

Source: Unsplash

Bat Cave: More Diving Spots in Nusa Penida

Diving at the Bat Cave in Nusa Penida offers a unique experience distinct from the typical reef or wreck dives. This site, known for its challenging conditions, is not about a cave filled with bats, as one might assume from the name, but rather a marine dive site with dramatic underwater topography that includes steep walls and caves. The area is renowned for its strong currents and the presence of large pelagic fish. Making it a spot more suited for experienced divers.

The underwater environment around the Bat Cave provides an adrenaline-pumping experience. With opportunities to see manta rays, sharks, and occasionally, the majestic Mola Mola, especially during the right season. Visibility can vary greatly, and the currents that bring the rich nutrients also make the diving conditions more demanding. Thus, this dive site is recommended for divers who are comfortable with drift diving and managing potentially strong currents.

bat cave 2024

Source: Pexels

Find Your Best Diving Spots in Bali!

We have made a list of the best diving spots in Bali. All of these locations are very friendly for all groups, both beginners and professionals, and these places will be very trendy diving spots in 2024. Well, if you choose diving spots in Nusa Penida, you should too. You must stay overnight in an area near the location first to prepare everything. 

Don’t worry, near this location, there is the best hotel, namely, Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach. At this hotel, you will find the most comfortable place to prepare your needs before going to diving spots. Hotel Nikko also has a stay longer extra benefits package which will allow you to get more benefits while at Hotel Nikko. So what are you waiting for, let’s go to diving spots by starting the journey from Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach.

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