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22 May 2024 23 May 2024


Start your day right with a liberating sunrise yoga class overlooking the gleaming Indian Ocean and lush tropical garden. Breathe in the fresh air and let your day warmed up with the first ray of sunshine rising slowly over the horizon.

Opening Hour: 07:00

FROM IDR300,000 net/ person

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Beginner, Basic, Restorative, Energize, Vinyasa Flow, Align Flow

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Beginner Yoga

This class is perfect for those trying yoga for the first time. The class will focus on the fundamental principles of alignment and breathwork. Get to know the movements through step-by-step guidance and demonstration with the experienced yoga trainer. In this class, you will be guided to understand each pose and how to do them safely.

Basic Yoga

This class will introduce you to the basic postures in yoga that serve as the foundation of the many variations and advancements of yoga. Suitable for everyone who can move through seated, standing, kneeling, and reclined positions without assistance.

Restorative Yoga

If you are looking to do body-opening poses, lose some tension, and relieve stress, this class will be a perfect choice. The poses move at a slower pace and allow you to relax both body and mind. Suitable for all advancement levels.

Energize Yoga

A more advanced class with consistent poses in flowing transition, focusing on core strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and overall sense of well-being. The movements will target specific muscle groups while maintaining safe alignment to reduce the risk of injury. Recommended for participants who are comfortable with advanced poses.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa takes on dynamic movement with an emphasis on body and breath movements. You will focus on the transition between poses and body control.

Align Flow

This class adopts the vinyasa style for all level of yogis. You will focus on the anatomy and alignment of each pose as you move through the asanas.

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