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The Spa at Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach is our oasis of tranquility, relaxation, and rejuvenation. By combining the best of Asia’s spa technique and exclusive spa products, the spa offers an experience to honor the senses, mind, body, and soul. Our skilled therapists are poised to give balance, peace, and relief through a wide range of holistic and luxurious treatments.

Range Of Treatment

Opening Hour

Massages & Body Scrub

Massages & Body Scrub

Balinese Massage

60 Minutes IDR350,000 BOOK NOW

Deep tissue massage employing age-old Balinese techniques with traditional herbs & oil to relieve muscle pain. Passed down through generations, this relaxing massage therapy combines long strokes and acupressure with stretching to strengthen and heal your mind and body. This invigorating technique detects stiff or painful areas by slowly working into the deep layers of muscle tissue, expelling negative energy and toxins.

Aromatherapy Massage

60 Minutes IDR350,000 BOOK NOW

Swedish technique uses a  concentrated blend of essential oils;  this treatment drains toxins while nourishing the skin, relaxing muscles, and stimulating blood and oxygen flow.

Upper Body Stress Relief Massage

60 Minutes IDR350,000 BOOK NOW

Using Shiatsu technique that has been adopted for thousands of years in Asia, a massage that alleviates muscle fatigue and tension by applying pressure to specific points along the body’s energy meridians. Using the fingers, hands, and elbows, our Shiatsu massage specialist unblocks the flow of energy, stimulating it. Shiatsu may also include gentle stretching and limb manipulations, incorporating a wide variety of common massage techniques.

Foot Reflexology

60 Minutes IDR350,000 BOOK NOW

Reflexology is an ancient  Egyptian,  Chinese, and  Indian therapy based on the timeless theory that meridian lines or pathways carry energy through the body. By stimulating the reflex points on your feet, your therapist activates the natural energy of the corresponding organs to restore normal function and health. An invigorating massage, the Reflexology treatment improves blood circulation and ensures a long healthy life.

Healing Energy Massage

105 Minutes IDR550,000 BOOK NOW

This massage works on energy channels and deep tissues. After having performed on your dry skin, a unique Balinese oil is applied to sooth your nerve endings and work on your meridian lines. The healing techniques help ease away your pain, relax your mind, and improve your energy flow.

Traditional Lulur

105 Minutes IDR650,000 BOOK NOW

"Polish and softening"

Balinese Massage-Lulur Body Scrub-Yogurt Body Cleaning-Shower Bath-Body lotion.

Coconut Scrub

50 Minutes IDR450,000 BOOK NOW

A mixture of coconut shreds and milk gives your body a gentle and nourishing scrub. This scrub is good for dry and sensitive skin.

Herbal Scrub

50 Minutes IDR450,000 BOOK NOW

Experience traditionally blending your own herbal body scrub from a range of Balinese herbs specially for you. Relax while enjoying the scrub and let your skin soften with a warm shower.

Coffee Scrub

50 Minutes IDR450,000 BOOK NOW

This treatment uses organic coffee beans cultivated in The Highlands of Kintamani. This treatment is a great cellulite buster treatment and improves cellular circulation, soothes irritation, and enhances and prolongs suntan to polish and tone the skin.

Traditional Facial

50 Minutes IDR550,000 BOOK NOW

Using natural local Indonesian products branded mask including cleansing and refreshing the skin pressure point Massage is given to relay the facial muscles.

We do not believe in hidden charges, the above rates are inclusive of service charges and prevailing government tax.


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