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Hotel Nikko Bali Accommodates the Third Mass COVID-19 Booster Vaccination

10 February 2022News

Booster vaccination has been officially started in Indonesia offered to adults and those who have received the second dose of vaccine at least 6 months earlier. To support the government program, for the third time, Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach has provided a venue for mass vaccines. “We are honored to be appointed as the […]


Hotel Nikko Bali Donated 200 Used Towels to Those in Need

21 January 2022News

The most effective way to reduce waste is not creating it in the first place. Instead of discarding unwanted clothes or linen, the best way is to donate it to those in need. Not only will be reducing waste, but it will also be helping each other. As a form of caring for each other, […]


Japanese Cultural Experience on Your Holiday Only at Hotel Nikko Bali

06 December 2021Food & Beverage, News

Seeking fabulous nature’s view, white sand beach, and sunrise when you wake up in the morning? If you are searching for that place in Tanjung Benoa, Bali, Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach is the answer. Set amid expansive tropical greenery in the enclave of Tanjung Benoa, the hotel is designed for pleasure and relaxation, where […]


Hotel Nikko Bali Donated 1.000 Basic Foods & 2 Hydraulic Ram Pumps to Those in Need

22 November 2021News

Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach donated a total of 1.000 basic foods, hand sanitizer, and face mask packages in Benoa-Nusa Dua, Tabanan, Karangasem, Gianyar, and Bangli on Friday, 19 November 2021. The donation is part of the resort’s corporate social responsibility in the context of caring for the needs of the community who require basic […]


Hotel Nikko Bali Launches Omakase Experience

19 November 2021Food & Beverage

Spearheaded by Chef Katsumi Goda, a native-born and trained Japanese Chef, Nagisa Japanese Izakaya Dining Experience of Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach launches Omakase to delight the Japanese cuisine connoisseur. Omakase Set Menu and Teppanyaki are now added to indulge your palate. Omakase means letting the chef decide the meals that will be served for […]


Green Practice at Hotel Nikko Bali through In-House Eco Enzyme & Organic Liquid Fertilizer

11 October 2021News

Nowadays, the environment plays a major role in the quality of life, years of health life lived, and health disparities. Therefore, as part of the commitment to support the sustainability of the environment, Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach has started the eco-friendly steps that have been done into the day-to-day operation. One of the steps […]


Discover the Beachfront Celebration Package at Hotel Nikko Bali

23 September 2021News

Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach has announced its new offer of Beachfront Celebration Package, which will be suitable for anniversaries, birthdays, and other social events, or private gatherings. The Beachfront Celebration Package is available with personalized service and options. The guests can choose the venue as their preference at the scenic beach with the Indian […]


Hotel Nikko Bali Releases Baby Turtles into the Ocean

27 August 2021News

To preserve the environment, Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach released 99 baby turtles into the ocean on Friday, 27 August 2021 in the Tanjung Benoa Beach area.  This action is part of the hotel sustainability program, in response to nature conservation, especially in Bali. “We found a batch of 118 turtle eggs on 12 August […]


Celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day with Regret Free Menu at Hotel Nikko Bali

04 August 2021Food & Beverage, News

Starting a healthy lifestyle is never too late. It can be started from the daily food. Giorgio Italian Ristorante Pizzeria and Nagisa Japanese Izakaya Dining at Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach have unveiled a new menu concept that features a tasteful combination of comfort food and healthy ingredients. “The idea behind the new menu concept […]


Stunning Sunrise or Sunset as the Quintessential Backdrop for Your Boat Photoshoot

21 July 2021News

The Island of Gods is well known for its worldwide traditional culture and has more than countless idyllic landscapes, making it ever-intriguing to explore, and it’s too bad to miss every moment by not capturing it through camera shots especially with stunning sunrise or sunset as the quintessential backdrop. If you are interested, Hotel Nikko […]


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